Legal / Financial

connecting employees & families with local attorneys & financial professionals

An optional program available for a nominal additional charge, our EAP professionals conduct comprehensive assessments to determine legal, financial, and all other issues and provides clients with the name, address and telephone number of the nearest attorney or financial professional.

Each client is entitled to one free thirty-minute consultation for up to three separate legal matters per year. If the client decides to retain the attorney after the consultation, the attorney will reduce the normal hourly rate by 25%.

 Eligible legal matters include:

  • Civil or Criminal Issues
  • Consumer Matters
  • Personal/Family Business
  • Real Estate
  • Estates and Wills
  • Criminal
 Tax Preparation Service

Members of this program can have their tax returns prepared via phone by a licensed CPA at a lower rate than most commercial services. Costs vary according to complexity.

Clients with financial issues (such as financial planning or declaring bankruptcy) may speak with a CPA for up to thirty minutes, free of charge.

Contracted package rates between 25-50% off normal rates for legal services such as estate planning, financial planning and consumer credit counseling are also available.

Matters involving disputes or actions between employees and employers, the employee assistance program, or the legal and financial plan or its sponsors, agents or their officers, directors or employees are specifically excluded from eligibility of this plan.